clues Welcome to the world of me
A future of insanity
Where nothing comes but everybody dies
It took me on a sailing ship
Daring me to raise the slip
And catch a tide of something in your eyes
There was a tale when we were boys
Of sub atomic social noise
Driving through the empire of a dream
Braking out the valium
Mending old geraniums
And daring me to say just what it means
And I made me a shooting star
Enigmatic, popular
Or anything you wish for me to own
But standing in the stratosphere
Genetics breed a brood of fear
We're all the same just simply all alone
Our tommorrows down the violent sink
Tricking us to swim or think
With presidential armies of the truth
Hell is not for us to call
Upon a stone carved parable
Hurling it succinctly through the roof
With lion cubs and national debt
The praeterhuman space cadet
Is sitting on a pile of his own rot
With God to guide him up on high
To launch another vicious lie
And show them that he's something that we're not
But in this soup of ecstacy
A timid incincerity
Is all we've got to show four billion years
Apocalypse is growth assured
From the psychoschizoid rebel horde
Riot cannoning their jungle fears
But we won't see the carnival
If what we know as true can fall
In ringing choruses around our feet
In pockets of humanity
Some of us can barely see
The fate of foolish internet defeat
But madness in it's infancy
Brings a strange democracy
To advocate the ark and shifting sands
The kids will call the tune one day
And we just teach them throw away
Oh can't you see their future in our hands?


Then me
Battling a demon
Who grips the rope
And knots the course

Of patterns in the mire of three dimensions
(Four with time)
With a shining blade
I reap the sleep
And face him in his squatting pit of hate
Exposed before in naked grief
Smiling jaws from underneath
The belly of the serpent of my mind
Is slayed again
Parade again
In instant gloried moments when we met

With care
And love
And you
No hiding from it now
More so begun
Like a clock
And a drum
Beating the retreat out of my life
Which drained with every failure
Hardening my core
To woman
And the Game
and the demons gone again
I crush you to me
Powder your charm all over me
And watch the snake released into the garden
Of Eden untold
To crack a future from hope
Break the mould
And storm the midnight rain to keep
Me unconditionally insane
And look out God, I've heard your case
To prosecute the human race
With forces of it's own imagined cause
And daily as the forests fall
At the very beckoned call
Of politics and filth and Santa Claus
So when the last tree has been felled
And the poisoned last word has been spelled
And all is crumbled at the judge's feet
The cuckoos of the killing spree
May yet get one last chance to see
That money isn't something we can eat


But for now
The rage is gone
And you are come
To fly
On by
With the word
Of the thunderbird
Across a sky grown darker in the east
On a flight
Into night
Far from grace
At great pace
With the silence howling breath of the deceased
So lift me from above
On the wings of your love
For only you can see
The dying knight inside
Saved by princess bride
Baby come on in and rescue me

Rescue me, rescue me,

Save me,

Save me,

Love me,

Rescue me . . .


Only love can be
Wherever we may find her
Gone, and wrong
Never far behind her
Hand in hand
We walk a land
Of birdsong in the brightly moonlit morning
In these arms
Terror calms
And you're the one to whom I have been calling
Now you're here
No fear
You show me onto your own side of heaven
And you give
As you live
Direction in this wilderness I'm driven
To your heart
A brand new start
Two lovers in the sky of our own making
You'll be mine
And there'll be time
Enough for love and ancient heart unbreaking
By and by
We both now fly
To meet in worlds I thought we'd never find
My recompense
Made love, made sense
Reminded me I need only to be kind
The day has come
We are one
In my mind it's only angels fly above you
Angel you are
My guiding star
And angel I only need to say I love you

I love you
I love you
Love you




© Ashley Mortimer 1998











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