Pagan Pride

Ashley's Photo Gallery

Blackpool Crete Drunk
The 3 Cavaliers in Blackpool The 3 Cavaliers saying goodbye to Crete I'm jusht a tiny bit pisshed, landlord
Fishing Fishing Drunk Guitar
Out fishing in France Spoiled the fishing by getting drunk Showing off with my guitar
Anyway Thing  
At home, recording
(check out the chords)

The power of the Thing . . .

Work Xmas Party - Dec 2003
With Paul (Earache)
& Eric Hoffman (Deicide)
The Same Old Rock -
Onstage at Notts County FC
Joined Onstage By
Dave from Electric Fish
Spring Equinox 2003 -
High Priest for a day
Spring Equinox 2003 -
Cutting the Cake
Spring Equinox 2003 -
Consecrating the Wine
Africa.jpg Bert.jpg Blonde.jpg
Visiting the little village
of Shimoni, Eastern Kenya
An old picture,
an old friend ;-)
I decided to be a blonde bimbo
for a while - it worked!
Canada.jpg Cropredy.jpg Fishing1.jpg
My last day in Banff,
Kirsty getting into the
spirit of Cropredy
Me getting into an English carp
Fishing2.jpg Guitar2.jpg Spirithorse.jpg
Kirsty's fish was smaller
but she's got a far better smile

At home, recording

The spirit horse from
the plains of South Dakota
Tangled1.jpg Tangled2.jpg Yule.jpg

Tangled Skein:
On stage, off your head

Trying to be serious -
a total waste of time with Lockwood lurking

Solstice 2002:
Post-ritual pageant (the Yule Log!)

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